The Natural Food Shoppe

Located inside the Ortega Medical Arts Building, the Natural Food Shoppe was the inspiration of Ruth Weise. At the time, Mrs. Weise was 66 and beginning a second career of educating others about healthy living. She retired after working 25 years extolling the benefits of vitamins, herbs, and supplements for a fit body and alert mind.

Today, the Natural Food Shoppe is much larger than when it opened; and although time has given way to change, customer education remains our primary purpose.


Naturally Weise Products

Many of the products found in the Natural Food Shoppe are unusual and hard to find items. Our goods can be used alone as natural alternatives or in conjunction with typical drug therapies.

Some of our more popular and unique products include:

  • Aloe Water: Water infused with aloe vera helps ease symptoms of colitis, gastritis, and ulcers. Aloe Water tastes like distilled drinking water.
  • Weise Sea Water: A superior product to use in the treatment of skin and nasal conditions, available only at the Natural Food Shoppe.
  • Topical Products: We stock several items containing arnica, an excellent product to use in the topical treatment of bruises and sprains. Arnica speeds the healing process with its aspirin-like qualities that reduce pain and swelling.
  • Natural Veterinary Products: We offer an alternative to conventional pet health products. Natural dietary supplements, flea collars and shampoos are available in our Shoppe.

Healing Through The Senses

We believe a relaxed environment creates its own energy, one that heals as well as soothes. Surrounded by a natural landscape of trees, shrubbery and flowers, the Ortega Medical Arts Building offers a serene respite away from the concrete jungle.

Inside, the lobby gleams with white light at midday and reflects the warm colors of the setting sun at day's end. Watercolor paintings and old photographs line the walls and hallways of the Building. An antique piano, the one Ruth Weise played for her family, graces a corner of the parlor and is open for anyone to play. Lush plants and scents of aromatherapy add to the calming atmosphere.

In a setting that speaks to our senses, we can find the inner strength to renew ourselves.

Additional Product Lines For Functional Medicine

  • Apex
  • Thorne
  • Prothera
  • Xymogen
  • Biotics
  • Standard Process