Restoring Healthcare Through Compounding

Weise Prescription Shop remains true to the tradition of Pharmacy while also welcoming changes. Our lab is well stocked with hundreds of pure chemicals that do not contain preservatives, fillers or dyes. We also stock current drugs and their usual dosage forms.

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While large drug companies adequately fill many patient needs with mass-produced medications, Weise Prescription Shop fulfills the needs of those who require special attention.

Weise Prescription Shop's lab personnel carefully research, formulate and compound many prescriptions. When knowledge and skill are combined with the latest advances in compounding, the final product is a custom medication made to meet the patient's needs.

Experienced Care

Weise encourages a triage of physicians, pharmacists, and patients working in unison to achieve optimum results. In fact, it's the cornerstone of our business. Several areas of healthcare have looked to compounding for assistance with patients who have not responded to traditional drug therapies.

Although knowledgeable in many medical areas, much of our business focuses on the following specialties:

With the assistance of a knowledgeable compounding pharmacist, a physician can prescribe custom medications for patients requiring special attention. Physicians who work with our pharmacists have found that they dramatically increase their quality of care.

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You Have Questions, We Have Solutions

Have you ever needed to prescribe a medication in a dosage form that was not commercially available? Have you had to settle for what is available, instead of what is best for the patient?

These concerns are our motivation because solving the problem is what we do.

  • Unique Medication Strengths: Weise can prepare dosage forms that will contain the exact amount of drug the patient requires. We can eliminate the physician's concern about under and overdosing.
  • Customized Dosage Forms: Medications are often only available in tablet or capsule form. Children and individuals with swallowing difficulties may be better treated with a liquid, suppository or transdermal gel. We can compound these options.
  • Discontinued Drugs: Pharmaceutical companies often discontinue products for which there is limited demand. If we can obtain the chemical, we can compound it for your patients.
  • Eliminate Allergy Concerns: Individuals with allergies can be difficult to treat. However, Weise Prescription Shop can compound medications that are free of chemicals that may be contradicted for the patient.
  • Custom Flavoring: People have preferences. Weise Prescription Shop has choices. Our lab has a line of delicious flavors that will persuade even the most particular patient to take his medicine.
  • Improving the Healthcare Triage Relationship: Weise Prescription Shop strives to address the needs of each patient. Our goal is to increase interaction between patient, physician and pharmacist in an effort to improve healthcare.